Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's a jimjilbong?

A jimjilbong is a public bathhouse found in South Korea. It is part bathhouse and part spa. There are snacks and juices served, TVs to watch, comics and books to read. Plus, you nap, exfoliate, get clean, and sweat out your toxins.
"They are very popular in Korea and it is pretty typical for Korean's to spend 10 hours resting and sweating their way through a Saturday," says Rachel from Caucasian Invasion

"The walls of the bathing areas and saunas are usually decorated with very beautiful semi-precious stones, like rose quartz, agate, amethyst, and jade, in intricate designs. Don’t be surprised if you look up to see a big pink heart or star on the roof while sweating out the week’s stress in one of the sauna rooms," says Sara Stillman of Jeju Life

Travel is a wonderful way to experience new facets of a culture, immerse yourself in a way of life, and learn from others. What will visiting a jimjilbong teach you?

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