Friday, January 6, 2012

What if I get sick?

One fear people often have about traveling is not knowing what to do in case of illness or injury. We hope today's blog will put you at ease. The following information refers to policies in China.

Q. What do I do if I get mild symptoms, like a cold?
A. Most areas have walk-in clinics that will give you a diagnosis and a prescription.

Q. What if I have moderate to severe symptoms?
A. There are many hospitals in major areas that carry a full range of medical services, such as surgical operations. They will check your insurance and refer you elsewhere if necessary.

Q. How can I get an ambulance?
A. Dial 120 and an ambulance will arrive in a few minutes. The cost will be reasonable and they will take you to a hospital under your insurance, if time permits.

Q. If I have to stay in a hospital, will I have a private room?
A. Most rooms have 4 patients in them, so you will be sharing a room with 3 other patients.

Q. Where do I fill my prescription?
A. Hospitals have their own pharmacies, but they are more expensive than neighborhood pharmacies.

Q. Can I see a dentist?
A. There are many dental offices set up for foreigners. Check in advance to see if they are covered under your insurance or if you will need to pay out of pocket.

Q. Will my doctor speak English?
A. It is unlikely that your doctor or nurse will speak English. It is recommended that you bring a translator with you, or go to an expat hospital, specifically designed for foreigners.

Source: Live in Shanghai

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