Friday, March 9, 2012

Thinking About Teaching Abroad FAQs

If you're just in the Contemplation Stage of teaching abroad, these questions may help you decide if it is a good decision for you.

Q. Can couples teach or just singles?
A. Most schools prefer single adults but some will consider hiring a couple.

Q. How long is the job?
A. Jobs are usually contracted for a one-year commitment though teachers are often able to extend contracts with positive job performance.

Q. What are some characteristics of a person who is suited for this type of work?
A. Teaching abroad requires a passion to teach and openness to other cultures.

Q. What education is required?
A. At least a bachelor's degree though not necessarily in education.

Q. Do I need to be bilingual?
A. Applicants are not required to speak the local language.

Q. What can I do to make sure Allestra is a good fit for me?
A. Do research. Have your own criteria, read testimonies, check school websites and contact current teachers before signing a contract.

Q. How can I stay connected to my culture while traveling?
A. Look for ex-pat groups. Navigating a new language, culture and job at once can overwhelm. Utilize sites like to develop a social network and identify friends who can offer a dose of home.

Source: Carrie Schmeck,

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