Thursday, March 29, 2012

Travel as a Teacher

Travel is a great teacher. Travelling as a teacher to be taught by travel is meta. Here's what some people said they learned from travel:

The Travelling Philosopher

Travel can be a vehicle for finding my true passions.
Technology has enhanced my travel experiences.
Traveling solo made me do things I wouldn't do when traveling with others.
The world is as beautiful as I let it be.

Everything - Everywhere

People are generally good.
People don't hate Americans.
You don't need a lot stuff.
Culture matters.
English is becoming universal.

The Conversationalist

Eat a bit of everything.
People want to share their stories, and hearing them is the best part of traveling.
Humor is one of my greatest tools to build trust.
It’s helpful to have a map.
When I trust, my trust will be returned.

Andean Drift

Good socks are important. And lots of them.
Slow down.
The language barrier isn’t that hard to overcome.
Pack light.


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